Consider what is unfolding on Earth’s local cosmos.

What may be learned from recent events?

A rare event took place this week. Sun was eclipsed by Moon. Notably, it was visible from a diagonal of the United States. Many took pause from ongoing daily patterns to take in the Moon’s dominant moments. Moon eclipsed Sun directly before Rosh Hodesh Elul; the new moon of Virgo; “Betoolah” (Sefer Yetzirah 5:2).

The Bnai Yisaskhar teaches Virgo is the unencumbered maiden in the heavens, no man has ever ruled over her. Virgo, in classical kabbalah, is associated with Binah; Understanding. Lurianic Kabbalah refers to her as High Mother. Binah’s models the power of intention and responds from there, above the areas of challenge. She teaches that action is best established through careful setting of intention. Like a mama chicken sitting on her eggs she nourishes with loving modulation and understanding. We (the lower seven S’firot) are her eggs, as it were. She knows what to give and what to hold back. This movement is different than the western norm where control, personal desire, and ambition often play a dominant role, even with the best intentions. Betoolah models receptive understanding and the patience that comes with it.

Moon is associated with Malkhut; Sovereignty, Majesty, and Mother Earth. She brings forward active receptivity. Moon’s concsistent presence modulates. Sometimes we feel Moon’s shining fullness and other times, her absence. Her movement guides the ebb and flow of watery waves and so patterns of Earth life.

Moon and Virgo are calling for attention as this T’shuvah cycle begin. This invites careful setting of intention, receptive listening, assessment, and adjustment. Repeat as needed. There is a lot going on locally s in the Cosmos. This T’shuvah period consider taking extra effort to pause and listen, bring a willingness to gently work things out better before acting.

May you and yours be weaved into ongoing spirals of life.

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