Who is Yisrael?

Most of us know it as a name for Jewish lineage. Having said that, it is possible for parallel truths to co-exist. Mathematically, for example, the square root of 9 is equivalent to 3 and -3 at the same time. Squaring either term yields the number nine. ) This makes it clear that more than one answer may be true at the same time.

“Yisrael” references aspects worth considering:

1) The people with this lineage and name.

2) Yaakov, our ancestor, crossed the Yabbok Canal, then wrestled with an angel. Upon winning the prolonged battle he was granted the name “Yisrael” affirming his enlightenment by his adversary. Yisrael, then suggests God Wrestler – one who wrestles with the Divine.

3) Removing the vowels and allowing alternate ones gives “Yashar Eil”, Direct to G!D. Consonants preceded vowels in Torah, the vowels were added later.

4) Rearranging the letters yields “Shir Eil”, God’s Song. 5) Putting the letters back in order, an alternate read is Yesh RA-eL Reysh, Aleph, Lamed; Yesh means “There are”, Reysh, Aleph, Lamed is numerically equivalent to (200+1+30) 231*. This suggests the translation, “There are 231”. These point to the 231 gates referenced in Sefer Yetzirah 2:4. These points to 231 possible two letter combinations of the 22 letter of the Hebrew Aleph bet.

What else?

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