Mischief and pranks fill the air. This lunar cycle invites the madcap festivities of Purim, Mardi Gras and ST. Patrick’s day. Costumes and drinking are common practices. On Purim, Talmud tells us to imbibe abundantly such that the very nature of good and evil become blurred.

I used to think this meant it is incumbent upon us to drink. While it can be ok to enjoy a drink here and there over the years a deeper meaning has come forward.

The New Moon of Adar brings into consciousness an awareness that good and evil can be very close. If we can expand our perspective, it becomes clear that there is good in evil and evil in good. Always.

Evil, (that is blocks between creation and The Holy One), exist only within creation.

Some constructs cannot be manifested nor contained peaceably. They bang with dissonance within the confines of creation and cause big disturbances.

In the Rayshah D’lo Aetyadah; the unknown initial condition there is no evil. All is possible. All is good.

In Rayshah D’lo Aetyadah; the unknown initial condition consciousness – where the distinction between good and evil does not yet exist.

This is what Talmud is saying. In Adar we have an opportunity to see the goodness in all. That which comes in as good and that which comes in as evil.

The Rayshah D’lo Aetyahada – the unknown initial condition and witnessing the unity from which all multiplicity is drawn can expand our perspective. This is the call of Adar – to view the world in its entirety, the good the not good and the evil and to experience what is coming through without judgement.

Rayshah D’lo Aetyahada – the first letter of this Name, Raysh, Dalet, Aleph make up the letters for Adar. Adar is spelled Alpeh, Dalet, Reysh. This shows us that Adar points to a level most high and potent – The primary initial condition. It is a Cosmic Stem Cell that can bring forward what is needed for healing.

This lunar cycle, Adar, we have an opportunity to meet the highest Face of The Divine. Let us meet this Face, suspend disbelief and ask for healing of body healing of soul, for us, our communities and our sacred planet.

May peace and healing prevail.

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