ELUL BNAY YISASCHAR ON ELUL 1:3 (Tzvi Elimelekh of Dinov z”l)

Urban Retreat – August 31. 2008
Rosh Hodesh Elul 5768 30 Av

Bnay Yisaschar on Elul 1:3
by Tzvi Elimelekh of Dinov

“Matzah Eesha, Matzah Tov v’yafek ratzon m’Hashem” – ‘Find a woman, find goodness, and God’s Will is drawn forth’ with the quote, “Sh’Ayn Mikreh Yotzah M’yedat Pshutoh” – ‘No occurrence manifests outside the hands of God’s Simplicity’ hints at the twinkling essence of the month of Elul. The days of Elul are a time of “Eyt Ratzon” – [Divine] Desire. A propitious time when The”King is in the field”; The Creator is around, as it were, accessible to the people. Elul coincides with the days during which Moshe ascended Mt Sinai to receive the final tablets. It bears the imprint of The Holy One’s love and longing for Yisrael. During this time The Holy One of Blessing joyfully and deeply desired Yisrael and forgave them of all their mistakes. From that time on, these days (Elul) are days of (Divine) Desire. The Divine Desire arouses the Yisrael and calls for them to return to the Source (Tshuvah). God’s, right arm is open, as it were, to receive those who wish return in a loving embrace. Since the day the original human (Adam) ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, every person holds both good and evil aspects. Often, especially when unchecked, negativity tends to increase. It can become habitual and entrained in our beings resulting in lack of awareness and consciousness. We can fool ourselves and become numb such that we come to know and experience negativity as good. When the Heavenly Desire for Yisreal is aroused, during this month of Elul, it serves to arouse Yisrael and call them back to Source. Then the imperfect knowing of good is adjusted and the person is drawn into alignment. This month is designated discernment to help Yisrael turn away from negativity, feel regret of what has been lost, and be drawn forward into authentic goodness. The Heavenly Desire draws each person forward and receives them, lovingly, in a complete and full returning.

Elul is connected with the Astrological sign of Virgo. Virgo is the maiden; a female presence in the heavens. This is what is hinted at in “Find a woman, find goodness… When we find a woman in the heavens, that is during the month of Elul, then authentic goodness can be found. Elul is the month of discernement between good and evil – and then the Will of Yah is drawn forth”… The Upper Will is revealed to us during these days, such that we may prepare ourselves and be return completely and wholly.

Blessings for a joyful and nourishing return to Source this Elul.

Tmimah Audrey ickovits

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