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Elul is the lunar cycle connected to Virgo. During Elul we are graced by The feminine presence of Virgo. She is the Divine aspect that rules this month. The potency of the Divine Heavenly Mother is available to help discern what is truly “good” from the illusion of what seems to be good. “Matzah Eeshah Matzah Tov; Find a woman and you find Goodness.” Proverbs 18:22 That is to say, when you “Find a woman” Virgo in the heavens “you find Goodness.” The ability to discern truth from illusion.

In Elul, “The Ruler is in the field.” Before “entering the city”* the inhabitants receive the Ruler in the fields outside the city.** At that time, anyone who so desires may meet and greet The The Ruler. This is informal time for coaching, reflection and adjustment.

An aspect to consider is Kavanah; Intention (Binah;: Understanding). We seek to alter intention – Kavvanah, rather than specific actions. Kavvanah directs feeling and action. When we set our focus to shifting a Kavvanah rather than a specific action, then multiple feelings and actions are impacted. The specific actions can shift naturally as a consequence. Realignment of Kavvanah; Intention is a most effective method of T’shuvah. (from Sefer Bnay Yiasakhar Elul 1)

Elul is an opportunity for inner work in preparation for the New Year; which begins on the following New Moon; Rosh Hashanah (September 8th). This lunar cycle, Tishray, is influenced by Libra’s scales to weigh in the good.

Tmimah Audrey ickovits

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