adapted from Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi zt”l translation
Alex Gray

This text offers a glimpse into the Zohar vision of Divine and human structure.

The Zohar with its addenda is one of the primary texts of Classical Kabbalah.
The material contained in the Chart of the S’firot is based on texts like this one.

note: Consider – “He” refers to the quality of Divine Transmission, “She” – The quality of Divine Reception)

Elijah began saying
Lord of the worlds
You Who are One
and not just a number
You are the highest
of the highest
Most hidden
of the undisclosed
no thought scheme
grasps You
at all.

You are He
Who pours forth
Ten Tikkunim.
We call them
the Ten S’firot
to lead through them
hidden and undisclosed
and Worlds manifest and known.

In them are You hidden
from the sons of men.
You are He
Who binds them,
Who unites them.

And since You are
within them
one from its mate
of these Ten S’firot
to him it is accounted
as if he had
sundered You.

These Ten S’firot
proceed in their order
one – long
one – short
and one between.

You are He
who governs them.
No one
governs You
neither below
nor above
nor at any side.
You made wraps for them
(The Ten S’firot)
from whence blossom forth
for the sons of men.

Many bodies You fashioned
for them
‘bodies’ they are called
when compared to the ‘wraps’
covering them.

They are thus called
in the following Tikkun
Hesed – the ‘Right Arm ‘
Gevurah – the ‘Left Arm’
Tiferet – the ‘Trunk ‘
Nezah and Hod – the two ‘Thighs’
Y’sod – the trunk’s ‘Extremity’
sign of the Covenant most holy.
Malkhuth – the ‘Orifice’
– the oral Torah
– we call it.
Hokhmah– the ‘ Brain’
– it is the Thought
– within
Binah – the ‘Heart’
– in it understands
– the very heart of
– understanding

Concerning these two
(Hokhmah and Binah)
it is written
“Mysteries hidden
are they
of YHVH God”

Keter, the highest,
for it is
the Crown of Majesty
concerning it is said:
He tells the End
from the Beginning.
It is the scalp
of the t’fillin
it is the ‘Mah’ name
(of value 45)

it is the Heaven – way – of
Azilut– Emanation.
The rooting place of the Tree
of Boughs and Branches.
Like water
drenching the Tree
causing it to increase
through the root’s sap.

O Lord of the worlds
You are
Origin of Origins
Cause of Causes
Who drenches
that Tree
by this flux.
And this flux
like soul to body
is the body’s life.

In You
There is nothing
like image
or form
of anything
within or without.
You create
Heaven and Earth
bringing forth
of their substance
Sun, Moon
lanets, Stars.

And on Earth,
grass and trees
a Garden of Eden
flora and fauna
beasts, birds, fish
and Man.

All this so that
what is above
may become known
so that we may have
of those above and below.
Those above can become known
through those below
(and since thcre is no model
in creation for You)
there is no one who knows
You at all.

Outside of You
there is no One
(Whole – all – complete)
among those above
and those below–
Thus are You made known
as the Origin of All
and the Master of All.

Each S’firah,
has a known Name
by these Names
Angels are called.
(An Angel –
entity of force
directed to an aim,
an energy discharged
by its own function.)

You have no known Name
because all the Names
are filled by You.
You are the fulfillment
of them all.
When You rise up from them
all the Names remain
as bodies bereft of soul.

You are wise
yet not in wisdom known
You are understanding
yet not in understanding known
In You there is no place for knowledge (to hold on)

But Your power and strength
You make knowable to Man
as You show to him
how the world
is conducted
in Law and Mercy
For there is Righteousness
and Justice
according to the deeds
of the sons of Man.

Law is Gevurah
Justice – the middle column
Righteousness – \
the Holy Majesty
the just scales
two true supports
the righteous HIN –
(liquid measure – )
is the holy Covenant.

All this portrays
how the world is conducted
but not that there is
in You
known righteousness
identical with Law
(which binds You)
Nor is there Justice in You
which is Mercy
or any other attribute at all.

Be drawn down to us
-Blessed channeled
into the world
for ever
truly so truly so
Amen Amen.

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