Shanah Tovah

Its been a year requirement new discipline and boundaries. It is a time a tzim tzum, contraction.
Less can be more. Fewer distractions allows greater focus and appreciation for what is available and essential. Not essential thoughts, acts, or words diminish.
It is the beginning of a new wave, a new cycle, a new Earth year. That which is essential takes focus. That which is not, is released. The space in between allows for unexpected blessings; new ways to relate, unexpected friendships, smaller groups meeting, time in nature, time to write, and time with animal friends. Sharing and Caring.
We are called to be adaptable. We have had to release old frameworks and past reality. We are cultivating new ways to be of service and new ways of cultivating joy. This past year has been a wild ride!

May you be blessed with ease, health, abundance, pleasure, joy, productivity, appreciation, love, safety, and ongoing inspiration. May blessing appear when we are not seeking them and when we are.
I love the shallot this season. They look like spirals and bring not to the spirals in the universe that continue to unfold. It is not possible to know for sure what is around the next curve. Blessings for a wonder-filled next journey around Sun. May you be weaved into SPiRals of ongoing life.+2

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