Time Becoming G!D

“Mikveh Yisrael YHVH” translates as – Immersion of Yisrael* into the Source of Life, (Yomah). This tells us that The Source of Life is a Mikveh for Yisrael on Yom Kippur.  
Yom Kippur, then, is an annual immersion into the G!D field. It is the reality of this unique and sacred day. For all Yisrael*, no exceptions.

If on Yom Kippur “Time becomes G!D”, and offers all an immersion into presence, what is the value of the inner work of T’shuvah (returning) – for 40 days leading up to Yom Kippur?
The sages explain that even though everyone is immersed in the G!D field on Yom Kippur, active T’shuvah is still foundationally valuable. T’shuvah is its own reward. It cultivates is the ability to retain the awareness of Presence and make space for G!D in our lives and choices. T’shuvah cultivates d’vaykut – cleaving to the Divine Presence.
This means that conscious re-turning cultivates new receptivity. It brings holiness into to our lives.  These channels build to the ability to stay connected to the first source and center. They can be developed in many ways – prayer, meditation, sacred movement, acts of kindness and many more.
It is never too late to find your way into T’shuvah.
May your Yom Kippur immersion into the Mikveh be blessed and meaningful. G’mar Hatimah Tovah. May you be weaved into SPiRals of ongoing life. 

*Who is Yisrael? There are many ways to understand this. Yisrael is the name of given to Yaakov, the patriarch marking his enlightenment. His ancestors and those who consciously take on the tradition are called Yisrael. Another way to understand this is by parsing the name Yisrael into two parts. Yashar and El – which translates as direct to El (a name of G!D). The name Yisrael can be applied to those seeking a direct connection in this context. There are more ways to understand this, I have explained in an earlier blog called “Who Is Yisrael”.
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