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In this parashah, the world is created, again. Humans are created, first as a single being both male and female. Humans evolve and get a taste for knowledge. Adam and Eve err and leave Eden. Cain and Abel experiment with violence. It does not go well. Noah has children.  So do the Nefilim (titans), the bible’s extra-terrestrials. It does not look good for humanity. (Adapted from David Wolfe-Blank’s Meta-Parashas 5755)

B’raysheet in the S’firah Cycle Hesed in Hesed

Water offers the Possibility of Life

Hesed is often referenced as water’s grace and expansive nature. Consider a flower on the desert floor. It goes to great lengths for the privilege of accessing water and with it, life.  Not only that, when scientists look for life on other planets they begin by evaluating the climate to see if it can support water. Only after this is a established do they look at the planet for signs of life. Water is very sensitive. For example, oceans move in waves. This is largely because it is pulled by the gravitational field of the moon. This force of attraction causes wave motion which is foundational to all life. Water offers a possibility of life.

Unrestrained, Water can Devastate

Consider immense flooding caused by hurricane Ida and the loss of life and property that resulted.  Too much water, like too much of any “good” thing is not good, in fact it is destructive.  This expansive expansiveness brings to mind the big bang theory – the most potent explosion of that evolved over millenia into life and the chance to experience love.

The Local Cosmos

This year was especially challenging as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The year is now gone, complete, and grounded. The High Holy Day Period invites participation in setting up the next Earth year.

The high holy days completed Wednesday evening in the diaspora.  This gives only two days to be with the Torah portion B’raysheet rather than the full week, as with the other Torah readings.  This is an annual challenge because B’raysheet is the first and therefore most potent Torah portion.

Time, this week, is short and Presence is especially pregnant with potential. This can create a sense of urgency and immediacy, requiring an intense burst of energy. Another way to meet the intensity it as an opportunity to access discernment skills to let go and let G!D. Humans are finite beings with a Divine Spark. Balancing is an ongoing process.

This Shabbat invites us to apply insights gained through the recent spiritual peaks of the high holy days all on practical aspects, like eating nutritiously, exercise, study, sleeping, community, holy service, and manifesting our unique gifts.

Tmimah Audrey ickovits

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