Lightning Sprites bring new electricity to Earth, like the annual revelation given on Shavuot.
They also look similar to jelly fish
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In the second year after the Exodus from Mitzrayim, a census of adult males able to do battle was taken (about 600,000), and the camp was organized. The temple was always in the center of the camp, and each tribe had a unique position – 3 tribes in each direction to the east, South West, and North of the temple area. The huge camp must have looked like a native American Mandela from above. In the desert, I love the Hebrew name of this book Bamidbar, in the wilderness. It has a romantic feeling about it, much more visual than the more common but abstract title Numbers. (adapted from R David Wolfe-Blank z”l Meta Parshiyot)


This Parshah in the S’firah cycle is G’vurah of Hod. Uh Oh. G’vurah and Hod are both on the left side of the tree. Watch out for intensification of the contractions. This path suggests that learning from trial and error is sometimes learning by one’s misfortune, no matter how much it hurts. This S’firah is the “tester” bringing weaknesses and faults to the surface so that we can deal with them as they become evident. This place flushes out hidden structural deficiencies so that they may be fixed. Sooner or later, you’ll have to deal with them. But, perhaps, it is a blessing if we begin to deal with them sooner. (adapted from R David Wolfe-Blank z”l Meta Parshiyot)

It is frightening to consider that we live in the time when many are off track. How can be it be that gun massacres are in the news most days in the US? Women’s right to medical privacy is at risk once again, and the ongoing destruction and mayhem resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is ongoing.


Too many contractions and too much testing bring an absence of energy and clarity before you know it; confusions and delusions begin to rush in and claim precedence over the Torah. This is not a time to hand over all the work you have been dedicating heart and soul to the confusion. This is a time to re-dedicate yourself to the Torah you know is the real Torah in your heart.


These are the days preceding this year’s revelation. Torah tells us to separate from our those we are most intimate with. It is a time and prepare for the revelation that is coming (Sh’mot 19). G’vurah in Hod is discipline within gratitude. G’vurah demands discipline, making a commitment to allow cultivation. When intention is adjusted and aligned we become better vessels to receive Torah. Torah invites gratitude.

Shavuot lands in Tiferet of Hod. Stay tunes.


In honor of Shavuot and 5782’s omer counting experience here Here is wisdom about these sacred days. They inform my awareness and celebration. I hope they do the same for you.

(1785–1841), Hasidic leader. A scholar and prolific author, Tsevi Elimelekh (Shapira or Spira) of Dinov (Dynów) was among the outstanding leaders of Galician and Hungarian Hasidism and was known for understanding of the potency in time. He is sometimes referred to as the Bene Yisakhar, after the title of one of his most important books. His humility shines through his work. He works with Sefer Yetzirah and provides skillful means for accessing potency referenced there.

He was named after his mother’s uncle, Elimelekh of Lizhensk, and was the grandson of Shimshon ben Pesaḥ of Ostropolye. Tsevi Hirsh of Zhidachov, Naftali Horowitz of Ropshits, and Tsevi Elimelekh were seen as the successors to, respectively, Ya‘akov Yitsḥak Horowitz (the Seer of Lublin), Menaḥem Mendel of Rimanov, and Yisra’el of Kozhenits.


We are picking up where we left off last week,

He is going to reference these verses in Torah

      א  בַּחֹדֶשׁ, הַשְּׁלִישִׁי, לְצֵאת בְּנֵי-יִשְׂרָאֵל, מֵאֶרֶץ מִצְרָיִם–בַּיּוֹם הַזֶּה, בָּאוּ מִדְבַּר סִינָי.        1 In the third month after the children of Yisrael exited from the land of Mitzrayim, on this day, they came to the Sinai wilderness.

We will explain more about what is meant by “on this day” specifically. The sages stipulated in the chapters of Sefer Yetzirah that the letter hehה  was anointed, tied to Crown, and formed through them was Aries (Lamb) in space Nissan, in time, and the right leg in spirit, male and female” and the month of Sivan it is illuminated like the above, “ …the letter Zion, ז was anointed in walking (going)…   etc. and through them was formed the Gemini twins in space, Sivan in time, in the left leg in spirit male and female“.

It’s not possible to walk with one leg

It’s not possible to walk with one leg, we see and in the month of Nissan when our ancestors freed from its Mitzrayim established the right leg . Even so, it is not called walking because you can’t walk with one leg. Later, in the month of Sivan, which is established with the aspect of the left leg, then they were ready to set up how to walk in the world and to this very day.

On this day specifically

On this day specifically they came, that means to say they are it was already established that what was created with the letter Zion, – the left leg and what was created with the letter heh – the right,)in the word bo-oo, first bet, then alef – whichis their order revered. So too, with then letter attributed to the months , [the heh and zayin are flipped similarly to the alef and bet are flipped bo-oo]  (with these) walking can happen.      And  bayom hazeh ba-o  bo-oo,  on this day, they came. The walking (to Torah) was fulfilled by means of the zayin and heh on this (zeh) day. 


And with this, I will open an opening for the spiritually oriented to understand quickly what the sages told us (Shabbat 31) about the Ger (person seeking conversion) that came in wanting to convert to Judaism and said, teach me all of the Torah entirely on one leg.

You need to remember and recall what I wrote earlier.   “You will count from yourself from the day after the Shabbat… from Leviticus 23:15, and we received it to mean the day after Yom Tov. The heretics pushed this.  Why do you need all this difficulty? Isn’t it good enough that it is written clearly in Torah?  Why would Torah call the first day of Pesah by the name Shabbat?

Counting the Omer is for your Pleasure and Benefit

I also explained more in several different places at length, it is for you, and not to take away anything from you, but rather for your pleasure and benefit.

“And so you will count for yourselves, “ this matter has already been explained at length –  that is, during the time of our exodus from Mitzrayim, the matter expeditiously hurriedly. It was not a result of actions of our hands (Maaseh Yadeinu), so this matter (connection) does not remain and sustain.   (Its is not aresult of anything we did)


Yisrael experienced a revelation of elevated lights and comprehension of the highest realms that are the essence of Torah. But because this matter was not done by “the actions of our hands,” this does not sustain.  


Until we link 49 days together and move through each and every level. Through these means, great knowledge is acquired, and their Shiur Komah (inner Divine structure) is prepared and completed. This is “through their actions,” their passion, and trying. Then, they are worthy of Torah through discipline (din). The gnosis taken in during the Exodus from Mitzrayim is called the Torah of Hesed (Grace), and after that comes the time of the giving of our Torah, from the mouth of (G’vurah) discipline Psalm 62 12-13.


It works this way year after year, and every first day of Pesah, all the S’firot are illuminated for Yisrael, as are the high heavenly lights, but it’s not done through our actions, and it’s called the Torah of Hesed, and it’s not sustainable and does not remain. Therefore, The Holy One of Blessing Directs us to count for ourselves, for pleasure and betterment. We count day after day and increase each time new and different awareness until the Shiur Komah is complete employing our actions. Then we are worthy to receive Torah through the side of Discipline.


This is why Torah called the first day of Pesah the name “Shabbat; there was division based on whether (it meant) Shabbat or Yom Tov.  On Shabbat, they write about it in (Sh’mot 31:14) ‘Kadosh hee Lahem – She is holy to you”. The high holiness, the consciousness of wisdom flows. This even when it’s not a result of our actions. It is a gift from Hashem of Blessing to Yisrael, God’s intimate community. As the sages said (Shabbat 10a), ‘I have a wonderful gift for you in my hidden treasury, Shabbat is her name.” Shabbat is already established and sustains automatically. A bet din (a court ruling to determine it is Shabbat) is not needed. Therefore, we do not bless “Mekadesh Yisrael v’Hashabbat “(Sanctify Yisrael and Shabbat) instead we say “Mekadesh (Sanctifies) haShabbat.


What is missing here is that this day (the first day of Pesah) is called Mikreh Kodesh (Holy Happening). Holiness is invited through our actions. (Start and ends) are is dependent on a beit din sightings. For that reason, the blessing to initiate Pesah is “Yisrael v’hazmanim.” (Yisrael and the times).  [this is said during candle lighting and the Amidah.)

The first day of Pesah holds an elevated status similar to Shabbat. The reason is that the transformative Shefa that flows to us and the high Torah consciousness received is a gift. It is called the” Torah of Hesed” and is not a result of anything we did.

T’mimah’s Comments

Shabbat is a gift embedded in creation. It happens every week, and needs no invocation. Festival days are different. It is Yisrael’s relationship to time that brings forward the holiness of the festival days. This is a subtle aspect of texture in time.

Paraphrasing what Bnay Yiasakhar said about The Ger who demanded, “Teach me all the Torah while standing on one foot”. We know the answer is, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself; everything else is commentary’.

Similarly, The Holy One of Blessing reminds us each year by gifting a spiritual gift of elevation on the first night of Pesah. The sweetness of the peak is tasted on Pesah, and it dissipates quickly because it is now earned. Fortunately, the opportunity to make this sweetness ours to keep is here. It comes through Counting the Omer. By the time Shavuot arrives, our inner work builds a dwelling place for the Holy Presence, and the elevation remains.

May we all be vessels for Divine revelation this year.


Tmimah Audrey ickovits

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