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“Building Blocks” – Kabbalah for Beginners

December 11, 2019 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm PST

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with Rabbi T’mimah Ickovits

We will make humankind in our likeness, in our patterning (Gen 1)

Students will study the ancient template of The Etz Hayyim; Tree of Life to reveal how it models a natural flow of life and vitality and that it is a useful reference for life in the 21st century. Tree of Life diagrams are based on texts like the ones we will study in class. Text will be available in English translation as well as in the original Aramaic.

We will make humankind in our likeness, in our patterning (Gen 1)

When two guitars are placed in close proximity; a chord strummed on one causes the other to vibrate at the same frequency. Similarly, when humans resonate, so too does the Divine structure. When the Divine resonates, so too may humans, especially when tuned to receive Divine chords. Classical Kabbalah teaches of this mutuality.
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Mystical Text Study; Sefer Yetzirah

Join us in text study and experiential practice. We will study Sefer Yetzirah, Classical Kabbalah commentary and the Torah in which it is rooted. “It is incumbent upon you to know that for everything The Holy One of Blessing created in the world, there is a corresponding part created within the human, as it is written: We will make humankind in our likeness, in our patterning.” – Genesis 1.1. All this to enable understanding of Secret Wisdom from within the revealed.” – Rabbi J. Ashkenazi on Sefer Yetzirah 1:1


The Holy One Speaks to us in many ways, every day. In Judaism each day is connected to specific Torah Readings Symbols, & Spiritual States. Together we will consider unique imprints for the day you pick. Come with a date you wish to explore – perhaps a birthday, an important family or historical moment. We will study Torah & Classical Kabbalah’s symbols related to the date of your choice.

The Siddur; Prayer, Magic and Meditation

Prayer is the call of our hearts that activates the Creator’s desire to be in a relationship with us. The more that desire is activated, the more vivid is our experience of The Divine Presence in our lives. If a person really wants to pray, often they are given a Siddur and told to recite. Praying and reciting are two different things.

When hearing Native Americans in prayer in the Sweat Lodge, you can get a sense they’re addressing The Divine directly and there is no distance between their words and their hearts – so the consciousness in the universe can receive the prayer respond to their pleas.

Prayer books, siddurim, are carefully sequenced compilations of Judaism’s prayer practices. Classical Kabbalah offers a body of knowledge of how to use these prayer practices by optimally aligning our movement through prayer with movement into known corresponding states of consciousness that serve as portals into Divine realms. Join us in exploring the evolving the Divine mystery of nature, angels, and the Unity of All Creation. In particular we will explore prayers immediately following the morning Call to Prayer; Barkhu. No prior experience necessary.
Tikkun Leyl Shavuot (Pentecost)
Join us in Receiving Torah of the Now. We will study mystical texts, Practice Jewish Inspired Yoga, consider skillful means for Tikkun Olam; healing the world, chant, and move.
Shavuot celebrates receiving Divine Revelation of Torah. At this time in the calendar, the resonance of the sacred event at Sinai is palpable. An opportunity to receive this years’ unique Torah presents itself. This sacred play will serve to harmonize aspects of self with the Higher Self; physical, emotional, intellectual and creative, and spiritual to integrate what is revealed. All are welcome regardless of experience level. Bring a Yoga mat, if you have one.

All still learning at day break are invited to join in morning prayers, including a reciting of the 10 Commandments, at the sea. We hope you will join us.

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Ida Unger, M.Ed. and certified Iyengar Yoga instructor, grew up with a strong Jewish identity and a yeshiva education. She taught yoga for over a decade at Santa Monica College as well as her own studio, Yoga Garden. After years of practice and a miraculous series of coincidences, Ida began to connect her Jewish “roots” with her “spiritual wings”, yoga. She has taught her “Yoga and Judaism” course to hundreds of people, via temples, rabbinical schools, museums and retreat centers. Her work is motivated by her own deep yoga practice, Torah study, and a belief that peace in the body will lead to peace in our land.

Ruth Broyde Sharone is A motivational speaker for interfaith engagement, locally and internationally, Ruth Broyde Sharone is a veteran documentary filmmaker and freelance journalist. She is the producer/director of the prize-winning film “God and Allah Need to Talk”. Currently Ruth serves as co-chair of the Southern California Committee for a Parliament of the World’s Religions, (SCCPWR) a global organization promoting interfaith dialogue. Her new book, “Minefields & Miracles: My Global Adventures in Interfaith” will be published this year.
Visit her website at: www.filmsthatmatter.com


December 11, 2019
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm