TEXTURES IN TIME – B’HUKOTAI Laws engraved in Our Heart.

Cycle of Life Art by Barbara Mendes, Copy

G’vurah in Hod in the Torah cycle. adapted from Meta Parshiot by R David Wolfe-Blank and The Living Torah by R Aryeh Kaplan SYNOPSIS Blessings and the Curses Every well-planned agreement has identified benefits and identified “reorganization consequences” in the event of a bad review. This means a “penalty clause,” as it were, for poor…

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Let’s greet the new moon of Sivan and attune to its uniqueness and receive timely wisdom. We will learn the potent Hassidic text Sefer B’nai Issachar in English translation.
Monday MAY 30 5 pm – 8 pm

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TEXTURES IN TIME – B’HAR; From the Mountaintop

A Dog With a Cat Under the Dog’s Ear Sleeping

This Torah portion points the way to achieve a proper balance between human culture and Earth. You might even say that this parsha represents the ideals of Torah ecology. It begins with a wonderful idea. A whole year off for Earth! I Shabbat year! A rest year a sabbatical. Call it Sh’mittah. No farming! And, every fifty years, a jubilee year. A Yovel. A super Sh’mittah! Sh’mittah sqaured. Two years off for Earth. Ownership reversion. Every fifty years the land goes back to its original owners

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Cycle of Life Complete Art by Barbara Mendes

COUNTING THE COUNT, CIRCLES IN CIRCLES adapted from Meta-Parshyot 5755 by R David Wolfe-Blank, Bnai Yisaskhar, The Living Torah R Aryeh Kaplan, with art by Barbara Mendes 1) Reflections on the Torah portion and its count in the Etz Hayyim (Tree of Life) 2) Torah from Bnay Yisaskhar Nissan 12:4 Counting the Omer SYNOPSIS This…

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