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Rabbi T’mimah Audrey Ickovits, BSE, is the spiritual leader of Holistic Jew in Santa Monica, CA. She is a rabbi and cultivates a wide variety of spiritual gatherings. These include prayer, Torah study, Liquid Kabbalah movement, and meditation.

Rabbi T’mimah teaches courses in “Davvenology” and “Kabbalah and Prayer” highlighting the connectivity between spiritual practice and nature’s movement. Rabbi T’mimah recently published the ”Holistic Jew Shahareet Weekday siddur” and “Seven Sacred Circles”. Both these publications include commentary from classical Kabbalah. Passionate about the environment and committed to equality in death, she teaches in support of green, cost-effective, the traditional end-of-life options.

Through engagement with the classical text, Rabbi Ickovits learned to track patterns in Jewish practice. Indeed, the basis of Rabbinic Judaism is the calendar cycle. Moreover, she found Jewish Tradition is filled with skillful guidance to support living a nourishing productive life, which includes time off from work as a foundational value.

Rabbi Ickovits’s unique strength is in engaging with traditional texts through a different ‘slant of light’ – that is, from a traditional, yet egalitarian, eco-aware spiritual perspective, to bring forward the renewed meaning and practice, creative sparks, & movement into contemporary Jewish life.

Rabbi Ickovits attended Modern Orthodox Yeshivah and resonated with the deep initiation this offered into Torah Study, Hebrew, and traditional Jewish practices. The school's philosophy of strict adhesion to rigid, patriarchal, and ethnocentric rules fueled her inquiry into the subtle and deeper intentions (Kavanot) of Jewish practice.

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Holistic Jew

Holistic Jew is a community in Santa Monica. We take delight in the ongoing process of renewing Judaism as a means of drawing spiritual and ethical vitality into our lives. We receive significant spiritual inspiration from the legacies of Masters of Kabbalah, Hassidic traditions and through the wisdom of the calendar's natural cycles. We honor the continuum of holy days in a variety of ways including prayer, the study of Kabbalah and Hassidic sources, meditation, chanting, music, and movement to enhance both the individual and communal experience. We embrace a global vision of the role of all people and spiritual paths in the healing transformation of life on planet Earth. All food offered is ethically sourced and kosher with produce from the Holistic Jew garden.