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The Wisdom of the Body


I never thought we’d see this in the United States.


Shanah Tovah

Spring Time - PASSOVER

Pesah 2020, Mystery of Handwashing

Purim/Mardi Gras

Masks and Hidden Holiness

Tisha B’Av Musings 2010

One of the things that troubles me about Tisha b'Av is that there is so very much sadness and mourning. ...

Summer Heat

An opportunity for transformation each and every year exists. The process is beginning right now quietly and with subtlety. It ...

Eating Kitniyot (Legumes) on Pesach

Eating Kitniyot (Legumes) on Pesach http://www.responsafortoday.com/engsums/3_4.htm (OH 453:1) Question: In light of the ingathering of the exiles, would it be ...