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Pesah 2020, Mystery of Handwashing

Pesah 2020, Mystery of Handwashing Rabbi T’mimah Ickovits April 1, 2020 Pesah Seder is a much beloved annual Jewish tradition. ...

Counting The Omer

Counting The Omer

Eating Kitniyot (Legumes) on Pesach

Eating Kitniyot (Legumes) on Pesach http://www.responsafortoday.com/engsums/3_4.htm (OH 453:1) Question: In light of the ingathering of the exiles, would it be ...

Inspiration from Pesach 2011

MPesach practice offers fewer choices than the rest of the year. Leavened grains are not permitted, and this being true, ...

Rosh Hodesh Nissan; New Moon of Aries

MB"H Shalom Friends, On April 5 the new moon was seen in the night sky to herald the coming of ...

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