Holistic Jew Passover Seders – Cultivate

Liberation; First & Second Nights

Cultivating Liberation

Settle in, lean back, and enjoy a lovingly crafted kosher Passover seder. Drink four cups, sing, dance, experience an abundance of spring greens from the Holistic Jew garden, meet friends, and cultivate new insights.

The Passover seder is the most beloved ritual of the Jewish year. Families and friends gather around a festive dinner table and create a ritual retelling of the Exodus from Mitzrayim; the narrows of slavery.

Every year it is as if you personally have left the narrow place.

Consider, what is holding you back:

What is your Mitzrayim? (What is constraining you?)

Who is your Pharoah? (Who is your bully, who is threatening your vision?)

Are you your own taskmaster? (Are you being too hard (or too easy) on yourself?)

The Exodus is the story of a slave nation becoming free. The tension of slavery is ongoing from generation to generation. The Passover Seder cultivates hope to the disempowered and encourages the meek to stand up to the bully.

Every year it is as if we personally leave bondage. We tell our tribal story and celebrate our newfound freedom with a festive ritual meal:

  • Any meat served is 100% grass-fed, kosher, and beyond organic.
  • Wine and grape juice
  • We serve sustainable, usually organic produce, much of it from the Holistic Jew Garden
  • We are Vegan-friendly.

Let us know what you eat and don’t eat.

If you are seeking a meaningful seder and are up for settling into a festive ritual experience, this Seder is for you!

April 5, we start at 6:45 PM

April 6, start at 7:45 PM

$85 per night

$70 Early Bird before March 24th

Santa Monica’s private home address is given with the registration.


Contact RabbiTmimah@HolisticJew.org or (310) 430-9853

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/holistic-jew-passover-seders-cultivate-liberation-first-second-nights-tickets-546405342087

The Passover Seder Sequence by Barbara Mendes

Tmimah Audrey ickovits