Seven Sacred Circles

Sunday, December 11, 2022, 2 – 5 PM PT Zoom invite & home address provided with RSVP

  • Learn more about my new book, Seven Sacred Circles*
  • Live Music with Brock Pollack
  • Meditation
  • Circle Dance
  • Singing Bowls
  • Energizing Apple Elixir
  • Festive Food and Drink

*Seven Sacred Circles and Energizing Apple Elixir will be available for purchase

Why IS cultivating the Divine feminine is important ?

Cultivating the Divine Feminine is a call to love our great mother, Earth. She is receptive, brings forward nourishment of body and spirit, and cares for us. Earth’s gravity always pulls us close to her; reminding us of her ongoing love.

Humans come from Earth. In Hebrew – Adam ( ‏אדם ) comes from Adamah (אדמה). These words share an Earthly root. 

Earthlings need earth. We feel better in nature, in the vibes that come through our biosphere.  We feel better physically touching mother Earth.. This is a simple and palpable practice called “earthing.”

Earth’s beauty is diverse, colorful, and dynamic. Beaches, plains, mountaintops, deserts, and more bring an abundance of colors, textures, climates, and realities to Mother Earth.  Being in nature feels good. It is a taste of the Divine Feminine coming forward.

It is well known that Earth rotates on her access in every 24 hours, Moon orbits Earth every 29.53 days, and Earth orbits Sun every 365.25 days.  These orbits make up our special (and likely) unique space-time continuum.  Even more, the movement of ocean waves is tied to the movement of Moon.  Waves can be seen in a nautilus shell, like the Fibonacci spiral that lives on in creations.

Cultivating the Divine feminine brings awareness of the secrets of the everyday. In circling, we consider the movement of our creative celestial neighbors.

Movement is life. We are all a unique part of this movement. We are one.

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