The seven days of sukkot invite the secrets of seven. (In the diaspora, we get an extra day with Sh’khinah.) Each day has a unique color and resonance. Each of us can co-create the reality for this upcoming cycle during this holy day period.

The Sukkah invites in Ruah Hakodesh – Holy Spirit.

There is still time for T’shuvah.

Join us Sunday evening for a full moon Sukkah FESTIVAL event.

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Every year at this time, a fresh, new, perfect Divine Name is drawn in from on high for this year as taught by the remarkable Mystic “Sh’nai Lukhot haBrit”.

  This models an internal process of creating fresh connections and receptivity to the Divine flow that continues after Yom Kippur. 

It works like this:
The first day gives a new yud, the next day – a fresh heh, the next day a new vav, and it completes the following day with the final heh. Then a new unblemished Name is available the following day: the full moon of Sukkot.

Let us consider each letter and its deeper meaning.


Yud is the smallest yet, most potent letter of the alef bet; it symbolizes the spark of the Divine.
Just as one can find a yud in every letter of the Alef Bet,  the Divine spark can also be found in all manifest. The spark of Divinity can feel very present immediately following the Yom Kippur commemoration. The moments following the completion of Yom Kippur are potent and unique. 


The next day a new heh comes in, and the consciousness, creativity, and intelligence that goes with it. This year it lands today, on Friday.


The next day brings the vav and its sacred connectivity. Vav brings in a Divine connection to feelings and the emotional realm. This happens on Shabbat this year.


Then on Sunday the final heh is initiated bringing in Sovereignty and Sh’khinah Presence.

Then the cosmos is ready to provide full joy as the full moon arrives.

More joy, less oy!

Join us Sunday evening for a full moon Sukkah event. Click here for details.

Tmimah Audrey ickovits