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Reflection Upon Ordination – January 2007

Who would have thought a knock on the head would guide me to my life's work? It is true! My ...
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Liquid Kabbalah

Continuum Movement The human body is the vehicle with which we each are gifted for this life. It is, therefore, ...
Holistic Jew

Counting the Omer – Seven Divine Attributes

Counting the Omer is a favorite practice. It provides a meaningful framework that supports deep introspection. The Divine Attributes of ...
Holistic Jew

Elul Cultivating Beginner’s Mind

These are challenging times. Tolerance is low, tension is high. Individuals and communities are responding to the enormous loss caused ...
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Consider what is unfolding on Earth’s local cosmos. What may be learned from recent events? A rare event took place ...
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Elul – Longing and Desire

The days of Elul are “Eit Ratzon” - a time Divine Openness, Longing and Desire. Weaved from the Holy Rebbe ...
Holistic Jew

Who is Yisrael?

Most of us know it as a name for Jewish lineage. Having said that, it is possible for parallel truths ...
Holistic Jew

“Al Hanisim” Prayer for Thanksgiving

For all the boons in our lives we offer our thanks to you YHVH our God and in blessing your ...

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