Tmimah Audrey ickovits

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Elul Cultivating Beginner’s Mind

These are challenging times. Tolerance is low, tension is high. Individuals and communities are responding to the enormous loss caused ...
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Consider what is unfolding on Earth’s local cosmos. What may be learned from recent events? A rare event took place ...
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Elul – Longing and Desire

The days of Elul are “Eit Ratzon” - a time Divine Openness, Longing and Desire. Weaved from the Holy Rebbe ...
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Who is Yisrael?

Most of us know it as a name for Jewish lineage. Having said that, it is possible for parallel truths ...
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“Al Hanisim” Prayer for Thanksgiving

For all the boons in our lives we offer our thanks to you YHVH our God and in blessing your ...