Counting the Omer – Seven Divine Attributes

Counting the Omer is a favorite practice. It provides a meaningful framework that supports deep introspection. The Divine Attributes of “lower 7” S’firot provides general focus for the week and more refined focuses day by day.

Psalm 67 – A psalm for people of the planet and the sacred piyut – the Ana B’Khoah offer references for each day of this journey. We will reflect upon these.

We will be posting reflections for each and every day that leads to the the 50th – the jubilee, Shavuot; Pentecost.

We’d love to hear your reflections and experiences as it relates to the ancient practice of Counter the Omer.

Pesah is the holy day in the Jewish calendar connected with Hesed; Pure Grace.

Week 1 in counting omer invites us in to experience and consider the Divine Attribute – Grace, Expansion, Flow and Movement. Grace like water moving connecting spreading and spiraling.

Water is The epitome of Grace – it’s nature is Grace

Week 2
G’vurah – discipline boundaries, contraction, like fire causing water to contract. Imagine membranes filters allowing what’s needed to flow and holding back what is not needed or useful.

Beauty – the kind of deep beauty that comes from abundant Grace and healthy boundaries, Compassion-giving in a way the recipient can deeply receive what is being offered,tuning the offering to tHe needs of the recipient.
Also, receiving gifts as they are offered and tuning into them to understand the essential meaning that the transmitter is offering.

Tenacity, Perseverance, Focus, Driving, Directing
Netzah does what is needed to get the task accomplished. Netzah is persistent and tenacious. Netah is modeled by the right leg, taking a first step and then next steps. Its not surprising that in the weekly cycle Netzah is connected with “Humpday”, that is Wednesday (Tuesday eve – Wednesday Eve) . Once we get over “Humpday”, we know the weekend (and Shabbes) is coming.
Netzah reminds us to stay the course. Often, in my experience, Netzah consciousness appears when I lag, it reminds me to stay the course. For example – this post is being updated later than I would like. Netzah – reminds me to stick with this commitment, even if it may not be exactly “perfect”. Netzah focuses & is tenacious getting a job done.
(Netzah is balanced by HOD, humility, gratitude, waiting for an impetus Hod discerns and waits until the situation is right for action.))

Gratitude, Humility, Waiting for your impetus into action
Hod has no agenda. She waits openly patiently. She knows when to respond and when to allow flow to pass without her participation.
Hod humbly bends and allows. This is the way of the priestess and prophetess.
Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi zt”l taught me “hod flies like a bird and swims like a fish”
I’ve come to understand this as holy surfing through life. Waves (like opportunities) make themselves known – some are yours to ride, others it’s best to let them pass on by. Hod pays attention to what is going on and uses energy that is available – like surfing. Hod is the way of the prophet and priest.
Hod balances Netzah with pause and discernment, as it were.

Foundation, Community, Intimacy, Sexuality
Yesod seeks community and connection. Yesod teaches that life is founded on community and supporting new seeds that are sprouting with life. “TZaddik Yesod Olam”; Tzaddik is the foundation of the universe – speaks, in part, to discerning and enjoying the moments when intimacy may deepen safely and sustainably.


Sovereignty, Freedom of Choice, Sh’khinah, Nobility. Consider the independence of children. Though they are birthed by parents they are independent beings. A parent cannot eat for them or even get sick for their child as much as they want to at times.

Tmimah Audrey ickovits