Spiral Galaxy With Shining Stars in Dark Space

Shanah Tovah

Its been a year requirement new discipline and boundaries. It is a time a tzim tzum, contraction.Less can be more. ...
Holistic Jew

Pesah 2020, Mystery of Handwashing

Pesah 2020, Mystery of Handwashing Rabbi T’mimah Ickovits April 1, 2020 Pesah Seder is a much beloved annual Jewish tradition. ...
Holistic Jew

Masks and Hidden Holiness

Hodesh Adar Tov! Happy New Moonth! Entry into Adar amplifies joy. משנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה Anxiety is high. Tempers are ...
Holistic Jew

Light Through the Dark – SOLSTICE WORKSHOP – for women

Continuum Movement Liquid Kabbalah As days get shorter, attention shifts inward making this a propitious time of year for self ...